Travelling with your special someone ❤️

Ok I’m just gonna go ahead and say it … Travelling isn’t always #couplegoals as Instagram makes it out to be! As much as I absolutely adore my travel partner travelling can be stressful af and there’s a lot of stuff that these travel videos don’t let you in on. Ok sure we are super happy in the featured pic above but keep in mind that was day one of our epic roadie we were fresh rested had full bellies and bank accounts ready to take on the adventures ahead ! What we didn’t snap a pic of , was the time we were trying to buy a bus ticket in a country where we couldn’t speak the language while one of us was sick and the other just generally exhausted, throw in 40 degree heat and a few heavy bags to lug around and well I’m sure you can imagine it wasn’t exactly a candid moment 😂 Don’t get me wrong there is so much more good than bad when travelling I mean you’re exploring the world what’s not to love about that I do how ever strongly suggest you take a couple of the following things into consideration when embarking on your first overseas adventure with your lover or even your bestie! 

You’re probably gonna disagree on your agenda – No matter how much you plan it out minds change and so do moods so it’s inevitable that you’re gonna have different ideas on what you wanna do. The key here is compromise or if you really can’t agree then just do different things ? Spend the day apart exploring different areas there’s no harm in it infact it’s probably a really good idea! 
It’s not always glamorous and that’s ok – If you think you defy the laws of hair growth and holiday weight think again 😂 and even if you’re used to a full face of glam everyday I can tell you now it’s the last thing on your mind after 20+ hours of flying . Your nails will chip and you won’t always have the energy to make sure your hair is looking good but you know what ? Who gives a shit ! Adventuring time is precious so rock that messy bun go for the messy model brows and don’t sweat the beauty routine ❤️ 
You might get a little bit sick of eachother – Yup that’s right you might not get along every single second of the day! Heck you might even argue every now and then, I once didn’t speak to my boyfriend for two hours over a pie … A FUCKING PIE 😂😂😂 lack of sleep and hunger does things to a girl trust me ! My point is this is part of travelling hell its part of life take some time and some space if need be and everything will be sweet as! 
Things don’t always go to plan – No matter how well prepared you are sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Plans change … Let them! Sometimes it’s out of our control … Accept it! You will have a lot more fun if you do ❤️ 

Travelling the world with some one you love or are in love with is one of the most amazing experiences in life I’m incredibly lucky to be making amazing memories with my gypsy ! It’s beautiful sometimes and ugly at times too! Tasting new flavours seeing new landscapes learning about new cultures sharing it all with the people that make you feel alive! So take the snaps of eachother rugged up on the airport floor after missing a flight, post the picture of you both looking terrible and sleep deprived after booking a dodgy hostel, tell us about the bus ride from hell 😂 its all part of the journey and it’s all beautiful every.single.bit.


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