Generation – All flight no fight.

My blog will always be a space I write about my feelings and thoughts. At first I had it in my head that I would never write about my networking but the more I learn the more I feel passionate about writing this piece. We live in a time where people will happily support and encourage your passion to be a Instagram makeup sensation but will think you’re a idiot for investing in a mlm company !? It scares me how uneducated we are … And what’s even worse ? We are ok with it. This generation is the worst at going out and just following what’s been put in place for society even though it makes so many of us so unhappy day to day ! We used to fight and challenge the norm and we used to educate ourselves now we rely on fb to tell us about the things going on in the world ? People say they want change but when given the chance they’re scared. Scared to try scared to fail and maybe even scared to succeed because a lot of people haven’t prepared themselves for greatness. They have spent their whole life being fine , doing ok at school, having a good enough job, a good enough house etc they have never dreamed or believed they could do great so they haven’t prepared themselves for something better. They fear the change, they fear risk and the reality is the alternative is much worse ! We become stagnant in life convincing ourselves that we are working hard to achieve our goals but really we are just on autopilot in a society Moulded by out dated beliefs and outdated theories based on economies that have passed. We need to break out of this mindset and push past that fear or our generations to come will have no one to look up to and see that it’s good to fight for your dreams, it’s good to fight for change where it’s needed! And you never ever have to settle for anything less than great. 


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