Are you scared to feel?

12179815_10205207601005500_179131298_n.jpgWhere do I even begin? There is so much I want to touch on with this subject as its so damn close to home. Ahh the life of a sensitive gangster! Having thick skin and a sassy attitude but feeling everything at such a deep emotional level. It can be quite the balancing act sometimes let me tell you. One thing I’ve noticed is that people tend to look at the “confident” ones and assume they’re thick skinned or not bothered by much but I know for me personally I just might be the most sensitive person I know yet I get labelled as ‘confident a lot. So is it a bad thing to be sensitive? Does society see confidence as a strong point and sensitivity as a weakness… you’re damn right they do! Meaning if you walk and talk like a badass one day and wanna pour your heart out the next you aint cool honey! People get super uncomfortable with emotion and PDA and deep meaningful  stories, and I find this fact so sad. Being sensitive or spiritually in tune or in love isn’t weak its fcking beautiful and only the strong will put themselves out there and ever experience these awesome feelings! Im so proud to be a sensitive/confident person I know personally I put myself WAY outside my comfort zone regularly and it scares the hell outta me, but I do it anyway! Because whats fear if you don’t feed in to it … its nothing. It literally doesn’t exist, fear is just our made up ‘mights’ this might go wrong , people might judge me, I might fail , I might look like a total dickhead. Why the fck do we fill our heads with these ‘mights’ all the time ? So you know what, to all the “cool kids” that think they are above feeling sensitive…Do yourself a favour push past your little comfort zone and experience things that make you feel sensitive. Let yourself feel things deeper! Because there are two types of people in this world – those who live in fear and become paralysed by it – and those who live in fear and embrace it each and every day! The “fck it” type,  saying ”whats the worst that can happen” … might live thats what! To all my fellow sensitive gangster types I salute you, you’re doing life right in my opinion! KEEP FEELING ❤


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