Someone’s someone ✨

What does it mean to me, to be in love? What is it about being in love with my partner that causes me to willingly surrender to all the fears I have surrounding love and relationships… I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and decided to put my pride aside and write. I am 100% a hopeful romantic (I don’t like the phrase hopeless it doesn’t make sense) meaning I love hard and always hope for the best and hope I receive the same love I give out to people. But reality is … That’s not reality! I have definitely learnt through past relationships that what you give in a relationship doesn’t always reflect back to you and the result can be… Well it can be super fcking heartbreaking. I’ve been broken hearted and I’ve also probably broke a heart or two myself and it’s left me thinking what does it take (for me) to be ‘happy’ in love and not just in love? The answer isn’t a short one haha but the two things that stood out to me the most would have to be that 1. I needed to appreciate my partners past because guess what there ain’t no changing the things we don’t like to think about. He’s not a virgin , he has said I love you to someone before , he has dated other girls who he loved, girls that were stunning (no lie he has dated some fcking stunners) and at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter!  NONE of that takes away from the here and now! So once I started to deal with those insecurities it lead me to the second thing ….. without realising it I’ve always wanted to be my someone’s, someone. Now if you’re like me (the old me) you might not get what I’m saying here. You see being with some one special is great especially someone that ticks all the boxes, great personality, great looking, family values blah blah blah but it is so incredibly humbling and fulfilling when you realise you are your someone’s, someone. I’m gonna crank up the lovey dovey shit for a second here, and channel my inner drake but knowing someone values you and your presence in their sphere as much as you value theirs… that shits exciting ! Like I literally buzz off the feeling! I’m a lover I always have been but for me meeting someone that I can totally vibe with on every level was so rare! It actually scared the fck outta me how connected I felt to this amazing human yet I’m a lover so why does this feel brand new to me ? This kid ticked every single box I could think of and brought new things to the table that I never even knew where missing from my life, but I still had this unknown feeling that was foreign to me … And then one day not even that long ago I was looking into his eyes and listening to his voice as he spoke to me and realised. This guy fcking loves me! Like he really truely loves me! Every freckle on my face , my big ass forehead, my creepy awkward hand in photos 😂 even my Unmanicured brows !! I had finally let my own walls down to feel it and just like that for the first time I was my someone’s, someone. And it’s like it all clicks for me now THIS is what soul mates are about ! People find their soul mate and sometimes it gets all fcked up because they aren’t their soulmates, soul mate (does that even make any damn sense 😂) But when one soul crosses paths with another and they are everything to EACH OTHER … That’s the shit im talking about! That’s soul goals and it hits you like a ton of bricks. I guess I felt the need to write this down because its been a bit of an epiphany for me and I’ve just been vibrating so high since! If you have read this up to here even through the sickly sweet talk 😂 props to you! Don’t forget to always Love hard and if you find one day that you are your someone’s someone hold on to that shit super dooper tight it’s rare and my god is it beautiful 💙


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