You know those girls you meet in the club in the bathroom and share your life story with in a 1 minute rundown version and just vibe in the total girl power of it ! I think we can all agree we have shared a moments like this and those moments are bliss ! I’m here with some good news… GIRL POWER IS NOT DEAD ! It’s alive and well and doesn’t end when you grow outta the clubbing stage of life. I legit just walked back into my room at camp after packing my stuff to fly out tomorrow and was a little bummed because i couldn’t find my shampoo and conditioner, I walk outside see a lady I have never met in my life and ask her straight up , “any chance I can borrow your S&C?” And she replies hell yes you can babe! I go on to explain how important it is for me to wash my hair before seeing my boyfriend the next day (the peak of first world problems 😂) and she runs to her room grabs it no hesitation. I’m there like holy shit babe you’re a total life saver and you know what she says … “Us girls need to stick together no matter what!”
Yes !! So much fcking yes !! I just soaked up that totally epic moment of female support then went on my way ☺️ So what now? What do I do with this experience small but mighty …? Spread the kindness ! Sprinkle that shit every were ! I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist as such but in a mans world I sure as hell support my local girl gang 👊🏾✨ You don’t have to fight down the opposite sex to empower other females I honestly believe if we put that energy into supporting uplifting and just helping each other out, us girls could change the game big time ! Its been said so many times before that we should stop tearing each other down and picking each other apart so why is it that we just can’t seem to get there? I hear time after time the whole “I don’t have girl friends coz they’re drama” well first of your vibe attracts your tribe honey. And second of all life is fcking dramatic sometimes , why not try and support a fellow girl thats down and out instead of slagging her off as drama? This of course doesn’t go for everyone if someone is toxic then girl bye! But to say girls are too much drama is bullshit people in general can be drama. Moral of the story is I think females fcking rock and so do men but aint no body gonna understand me like my girls ! So to sum it up – Be kind to each other, encourage each other be more like the shampoo and conditioner lady and try not to be a shitty person today x


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