A naked loner. The story of me

Where to begin. My journey is by far not as challenging as others and I almost feel guilty writing about my struggles knowing there are girls out there that have faced so much bigger struggles in life. But never the less its still my reality and I want to be open about it so I can move forward properly. The truth is for the longest time I have been so unhappy with myself physically I don’t even know when it began. I think a lot of people that know me personally would never guess just how insecure I am on the inside and I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone know. I didn’t fully face my issues till quite recently when it started to effect my relationship. This has happened in my past but now I am with the most amazing man ever I didn’t want to let this fck things up for us. I was so moody all the time and would break down with anxiety when getting ready to leave the house. Nothing my partner could say would make me feel better or feel beautiful when he would say I look stunning I would just think he was full of shit or blinded by love! I couldn’t see what he saw and that broke his heart. I had crazy jealousy over the most ridiculous things purely because I was so fcking insecure about myself. The arguing and emotional strain was getting so bad and I knew I had to sit down and really have a think about what the fck was wrong with me that I was so incapable of loving myself. I knew it was a lack of self love internally and mentally so I decided to start opening up more about things and writing. It was hard, like REALLY FCKING HARD! I feel completely NAKED every single time I write but my god did it help. And so I decided since I was working so hard on my mental improvement that I would start to do something about my physical self too. My mum was using Keto Os and I called her to ask how she was going, in a month she had lost 6 kg if I remember correct and I was so blown away!! She has had health issues for so long that have prevented her from being able to get to her happy size so I knew how much that small change must’ve meant to her! I naturally took her word and started on it asap hahah So now between the start progressof feb up to today I have lost 10.5 kg of fat. I haven’t been this small since I was about 16 !? BUT the best part is I have a much better relationship with myself internally. When I asked for motivation on the girls advice page I guess most thought I need a push to stay on track but truth be told my routine is solid and I have no problem sticking to it, my issue is I’m lonely. That sounds so pathetic but I feel alone sometimes on this road and I hate it. My partner is a great supporter but he will never understand the pressure for a female in the society we live in and sometimes its just nice to talk to somemone about the bad AND the good that knows where Im coming from and relates to me. For me the outside world distracts me a little sometimes too for example stress at work or relationship stuff or family stuff and it would be nice to have a place or other people to talk about it with. Anyway thats a glimpse of my journey so far I’m really sorry if it comes off super heavy because I don’t want it too but I also want this to be as raw as possible. Please step forward and share your story with me so I can be there for you too, no one should feel alone and to be honest it would mean the world to me to know I’m not alone


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