Why dating your bestfriend sucks.

Why it sucks ass dating your best friend Yup you heard me it sucks ass! Having a boy friend that doubles as a bestfriend is COMPLETE bullshit and I’ll tell you why! 

1. It’s really fcking hard to lie to them, because as your bestfriend they know you WAY better than you like to think and that makes it bloody impossible to fool them or lie to them! Pulling the sneaky on ya partner is hard enough but don’t even bother trying if you have a boystie (boyfriend/bestie… Yes I made that up) 

2. It’s also really hard to stay mad at them when they piss you off! Because apart from the fact that you most likely miss talking to them while in cold shoulder mode, you can almost guarantee that something will happen that you just HAVE to tell them about (usually pointless gossip or a funny meme) because they’re ya best mate and you end up forgetting you’re mad and talking to them about it.  

3. It’s hard to separate. Separating from one or the other is hard enough, I hate good byes even for a day! Well saying good bye to your 2 in 1 is the shitest time ever! HELLO anxiety 🙋🏽 

4. Explaining to your friends that your partner is your best friend sounds super gay so you don’t …. buuuut they all kinda know it and you spend your nights away trying to prove you’re totally NOT one of those weirdos that considers their partner their bestie and you are still one of the GIRLS/BOYS

5. You spend a shit load of time hanging talking and just generally being in eachothers space. This can lead to knowing eachother really really well, getting to enjoying the things you like about eachother while also being forced to endure the things you don’t like so much. Not just that though when you’re in love with someone AND like/respect them as a friend you will most likely end up together for a very long time … Pretty scary stuff really ! So if you don’t want to be in an honest relationship where values are shared and forgiveness is plenty, where plans are more often made together because it’s fun that way, and where you could quite possibly end up wanting to spend your life with one amazing person… Then BEWARE of dating your bestfriend I can personally say that all of the above are inevitable 


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