The Ketone Movement Experiment 


Want be be involved in an experiment?

I’ve had so much fun doing a few small experiments lately and I’m ready to do  one on a bit of a bigger scale. I’m pretty excited to do this as i know the results it could produce in significantly reducing bodyfat and increasing energy levels with out the crazy workouts or change in diet. Sounds too good to be true I know so i guess I’m looking for the kind of people that say “fuck it what’ve i got to lose!?’ Ill be doing the experiment as well! Why? Coz It’s fun, keeps me accountable and focused on my goals and it can potentially help people in the process, which ticks all the boxes for me! Ill be adding in my own twists here and there i won’t give too much away but it involves a little self love (no not that kind) and mental/spiritual wellbeing as that is a passion of mine ❤

Your eligibility – Answer these questions:

1 – Would you like to be using a more efficient fuel source each day that gives out 30% more energy than sugar/protein/carbs can?
2 – Want to curb your sugar cravings, carb cravings  and lose fat easier?
3 – Would you rather your metabolism or ‘daily fire’, be burning coal or kindling each day? What burns longer?
If you’ve answered YES to the first two and COAL to the third, you’re eligible to join me wohoo!

Introducing sweet jesus juice (Keto OS) 

The supplement is called Keto Os (Ketone Operating System) aka sweet jesus juice. Its claim to fame seems too good to be true but the following of Keto Os in the US alone is already hectic. From a simple cartoon video (click here to watch video) they put out in 2015 Pruvit were selling US$100,000 per DAY of this stuff! That’s really impressive for a product and business. In other words, people are buying it. There are repeat customers. It’s in demand. Good news is its hit Aussie shores finally (well sorta) and we can have it direct shipped here sweeeeet! Its already booming in the short time its been available here. Why? Because apparently the claims are true (cue the i told ya soers) I myself love the stuff, obviously or i wouldn’t promote it!? BUT i have some more goals to smash out the park before my full jury is in!

The types of people I’m looking for:
1/ People that previously or currently been struggling to lose body fat.
Whether you are obese, or you have struggled to lose body fat no matter what you’ve tried, or just trying to get rid of some stubborn belly fat.

2/ Anyone that has a a tough time curbing their cravings for sweet tings! Or carbs #pototoesarelife
Whether you have fungus and parasite problems causing the cravings or you are a very physical person constantly moving your body.

Lets do this shit! And see if Keto OS really can reduce your cravings and increase your performance/energy!

THE KM (ketone movement) Experiment #TKME
Goal: To measure the change in a person’s bodyfat levels and/or performance and energy from consuming 1 x serving/day of Keto Os supplement, without changing diet or current exercise habits significantly. (don’t cheat ill know)
Entries for the experiment will close 22nd of April and run for 30 days.
Choose the number of days you wish to partake in the experiment: 10, 20 or 30 days.
You will take one serving of Keto Os per day.
Purchase Keto Os:
Australia:  Price AUD: 2.1 and 3.0 10day=$90, 30day=$240* (available online) MAX bio AUD: 10day=$120 20day=$222* (available online) click here to order

Track your experiment

– Photos of your body from front, back and both sides with minimal clothes on. (or not what ever you’re comfortable with)
– Measuring your waist and hips

– Keep a diary of your progress:

How you feel , energy levels ,  bloating , cravings , digestion , and anything else you would like to track the improvement on.

Optional – Measure your base level of fitness
If your goal is athletic performance, you must do this. If you want an improvement in your daily health and performance, choose as many as you wish depending on your exercise experience and fitness level:
a) Time to complete 1km (walk, jog, run)
b) Time to swim 50m
c) 20 metre running beep test.
d) Number of pushups, chinups, air squats with good technique until fatigue
e) Max Strength 1RM Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Chin Up
f) Sports specific test you would normally do, that you can measure
g) CrossFit WOD or anything similar

Optional – Measure the amount of ketones in your blood
Do this before and after taking the supplement, or before and after the experiment. Higher levels of ketones can have numerous health benefits. A test for people keen to see what this does inside their body.

Share your results
– Send me your results however you have recorded them, through email or Facebook .
– If you choose to share your results on Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #TKMC and tag me, so the community can see your results and you can help motivate others (ultimate goal right there!) If you have any health concerns at all please seek advice from your health practitioner before using Keto OS as with any supplement.
If you need any help ordering feel free to contact me so i can walk you through it. Get on board and commit to the experiment.

Winner winner chicken dinner

I will be choosing one lucky legend to take home a 20pack of MAX BIO my shout. I believe that those who risk it SHOULD get the biscuit! Winner will be chosen at my discretion based on results drive and passion. Get stuck in people! Will post my beginning stats etc in next blog.

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